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Xxxholic Doujinshi: Sanka(doumeki X Watanuki)

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10 Responses to “Xxxholic Doujinshi: Sanka(doumeki X Watanuki)”

  1. minako127 says:

    hot!! mokona’s human form *drools*

  2. oneeoneelol says:

    holy shit i always suspected yaoi between them *gives evil smirk* I KNEW IT >:D

  3. SakuraHime1995 says:

    omg this was sooooo nicely drawn in the beggining i almost thought CLAMP had drawn this XD but here were differences i luved the ending it was hilarious

  4. DancingPuppets says:

    AHHH that was so cuteee and hot!! and the last part lolx33

  5. princessprincess10 says:


  6. ChocolateBerryx says:

    Of all the things Doumeki could be jealous of, he chooses the pipe fox and Mokona. xD

  7. crazychicken55 says:

    This is way too cute!!!!!!!!!! KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  8. darkgreenprietess says:

    Love this couple..Man at Watanuki in new chapter through.. WHY WATANUKI? WHY??? Hot Doujinshi

  9. sexydeidaralover says:

    mokana and the fox spiret both looked super sexy as humams!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. iLuvCakeXD says:

    Well,Watanuki sure got one HELL of a present didn’t he? xD

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