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Sasunaru Doujinshi- Aruhi Kimi Ha Boku Wo

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10 Responses to “Sasunaru Doujinshi- Aruhi Kimi Ha Boku Wo”

  1. XxStarlessNightxX says:

    The 1st song is not Panic! At The Disco.It is Revenge by Plain White’s T (Just to let you know!)

  2. inufreak46 says:

    The song was Panic! At The Disco, it just got copyrighted.

  3. yoshikomora says:

    very hot. but to me, it seems like sasuke always has these weird mood swings and ends up hurting naruto. its like, first he’s quiet, then he forces himself onto naruto, then he’s all lovey. and naruto is OK with that? they may be a cute couple, but they have weird tastes in each other.

  4. inufreak46 says:

    unfourtunately yes I did have to audio swap…actually i don’t know the name of this song…I just chose something that sounded good

  5. animegoddess7878 says:

    sounds good to me. I had to do an audio swap for my SasuNaru chat 1 and then I have to do it for 12 and 13. So unless people can live with no sound, I have to redo them.

  6. inufreak46 says:

    is it because of WMG?

  7. animegoddess7878 says:

    yes…I’m not liking them.

  8. inufreak46 says:

    me too…I went to wikipedia and looked up every artist under them, Panic! At the Disco (one of my favorites,) Daniel Powter…a lotta others it sucks!! But now I know what Not to use…

  9. animegoddess7878 says:

    can you send the website to me to let me know which ones not to use? I really don’t feel like making chats over again just to replace songs. :(

  10. inufreak46 says:

    go to wikipedia, and look up WMG scroll down and click on List of Artist under WMG or it’ll sasy something like that…

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