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Kuroshitsuji Doujinshi Grell&sebastian Garnet&onyx [english!!]

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10 Responses to “Kuroshitsuji Doujinshi Grell&sebastian Garnet&onyx [english!!]”

  1. KiniaInia112 says:

    2:04 loool….really world XDD2:24 it’s like “wtf”3:10 that was nice xD3:34 it’s really like wtf4:20 it’s like more wtf O_o5:10 more wtf!’s wtf and cute :D

  2. zajbavas says:

    where can I get this dj?

  3. aikolee says:

    freakin grell! O_o

  4. lordofdarkness12 says:

    death note book! yay!!!! ;DDDD

  5. chikane678 says:

    grell look a girl I LOVE KUROSHISTUJI!!! ^^

  6. Paiva93 says:

    i don´t like sebastian x grell too. But i love sebastian and grell. *-* thanks for this video.

  7. villehelsinki says:

    i dont like sebasxgrell i like more sebasxciell thats it should be

  8. VreciaBadGirl says:

    i like kuroshitsuji Yaoi but i dont realy like sebasxgrell pairing but i still like this vid..

  9. sakuranno says:

    look at 0:45 it said”let look after HIM”

  10. madzik62295 says:

    love kuroshitsuji! 5 for you!

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