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Kakashi And Sakura: The Doujinshi. 3 Kisses

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9 Responses to “Kakashi And Sakura: The Doujinshi. 3 Kisses”

  1. silvershadowknight says:

    I thought at the beginning the kisses were going have these awesome names. I was wrong o_O lol

  2. djoeke123 says:

    KYAAA i LOVE it KakaSaku is the Best couple ever (L)

  3. JokerKnightAie says:

    Whats this song?

  4. TheNarutofan09 says:

    i wish me and my boyfriend were like this

  5. Vynce0013 says:

    I once was not a fan of this pairing, Due to Kakashi being 7-10 years older than Sakura, even in Shippuden, Sakura is only 15 still “under-age”. But I see they DO make a beutiful couple, since Sasuke is gone.

  6. TheSasukeuchihalove says:

    First time I saw Kakashi mouth!

  7. ChosuxD says:

    D8 omg.

  8. VioletVolchok says:

    I’ve read that doujinshi before, it’s a beautiful work…and you’ve done it proud =)

  9. 777virtuoso says:

    beautiful song… what its name

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